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Eyelid surgery, a procedure technically called blepharoplasty can improve your whole outlook. Women and men from a wide variety of ages and backgrounds revive their eye area and their self-image through eyelid surgery. Dr. Yi’s surgical skill and conservative approach to cosmetic surgery give patients a more refreshed and youthful looking eye area while maintaining a natural appearance.

Dr. Adrian Yi

Dr. Adrian Yi

Earning your trust is important to Dr. Adrian Yi, who believes the key to successful results is open and honest communication with his patients. His personable, low-key demeanor and extensive experience help patients feel calm and confident in his care.

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Dr. Yi will help you decide if eyelid surgery, which concentrates on the area immediately surrounding the eyes, will achieve the improvements you desire. He will tailor the procedure based on unique factors including your skin elasticity and bone structure. Many patients choose eyelid surgery to:

  • Tighten loose, sagging upper eyelids
  • Smooth wrinkles around the eyes (“crow’s feet”)
  • Improve droopy lower eyelids that expose the whites of the eyes
  • Remove fatty deposits from upper and lower eyelids
  • Correct under-eye bags

Some patients with less advanced sagging defer eyelid surgery by choosing non-surgical wrinkle treatments, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic or dermal fillers like Restylane® and JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel. Patients with pronounced upper eyelid sagging may benefit more from a brow lift instead of, or in addition to eyelid surgery.

Getting Started

Since you have likely discovered Dr. Yi through the glowing referrals of previous patients, you have probably already been impressed by his work. His patients also appreciate the way that he takes the time to listen to their concerns and to understand their vision for eyelid surgery. Request a consultation online with Dr. Adrian Yi or call his office at 818-986-7900. Dr. Yi’s patients come to him from nearby Southern California communities, across the United States, as well as many international locations.

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